IntegratED 2020

February 18 – 19, 2020 | Portland, Oregon

Together we can improve our school community through exploration, creation, and curation. 

About IntegratED 2020

The IntegratED conference (IPDX) started 20 years ago when a band of scrappy educators wanted to provide school with a supportive community where they could collaborate and develop practical strategies for better integration of technology into teaching and learning. It was deemed a “working conference for educators.”

Carrying on the Tradition
This year we are excited to announce that that Cascade Technology Alliance, with help from High Desert and Clackamas ESDs, plus the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, will be working collaboratively to drive the next iteration of IntegratED Portland. The planning committee for 2020 consists of the following members: Angie Arends, Ewan Brawley, Darren Hudgins, Stuart Long, Rick Wahlstrom, Rachel Wente-Cheney, & Corin Wyatt.

Under the new leadership, the “working conference for educators” spirit of IPDX20 will remain but after 20 years we think it’s time to collaborate over a different set of school stakeholder needs. To guide this vision we have developed a list of focus areas that #IPDX20 will be designed around.

Blended Digital and Instructional Delivery Design

Fosters engaging, collaborative environments online using a variety of tools, resources, and instructional methods.

Human Capacity

Designed for anyone leading educators in innovations, designing new systems, and introducing new tools.

Inclusion and Equity

Strategy based sessions that encourage turning dialogue – and intention – into action to help historically underrepresented groups to succeed.

Instructional Strategies (All Grades)

Delivery methods for content fostering modern learning, student agency, and authentic engagement.

Learning Theory and Behavior Science

Encourages rapid change cycles that include small changes in a school setting to improve content and delivery, operational systems, and social/emotional growth and support.

Security, Assessment, and Digital Well Being Data

Using data to inform decision making around learning, human privacy and mindfulness.


Teaching science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) concepts to integrate with the arts (STEAM) across the wider curriculum using an inquiry and problem-based learning model to meet future-ready skills.

Tools and Subscription-Based Services

Instruction first sessions featuring tools, systems, and services.

Active Learning Workshops

No matter your role, we want to help you engage the stakeholders you serve. In order to do this, we have to spend more time collaborating side by side with high-quality facilitators and your peers. IPDX is designed to have longer workshops so it can truly be a working conference for educators.

Thought-Provoking Talks

Each school year educators, need different things. Sometimes biased creatures need a little “rattling of their cage” to encourage growth. While other times educators need a “pat on the back” full of some affirmation that says … we are on the right path. What’s in store for you this year? Join the community and discover this year’s formula.

Network With Peers & Industry

We understand you’re very busy. Often stuck in a classroom or office, and you never see your peers or job alike roles in other districts, states, or industries. We’ve got you covered with dedicated time to mingle, share, and talk through strategies to help you and your students.

Featured Talks & Facilitators

IPDX has a rich history of bringing thoughtful speakers that enhance or push you to question your craft, as well as, some of the best global/nation, regional, and local active learning facilitators. This year’s line-up will help you explore, create, and curate the types of lessons and culture you want to bring to all your diverse learners.

Nancy Mangum


Liz Kleinrock

Featured Talk

Dan Ryder

Featured Talk

Melissa Lim


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Together we can improve school engagement through exploration, creation, and curation. 

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